Saturday, 7 May 2011

Final opening sequence

My role within the group

I played chandler which meant I didn't use the camera and film as much as I would like too however I did do various other things such as writing the script helping camilla with the song. Editing, costume and re- editing. We all took different job roles within the group but had input on everything to make sure we were all happy with what everyone was doing in the group. Jess did the camera work and most of the editing while Yaz directed the film on where she wanted everyone to stand and act. Camilla edited the film, setting and  we both worked on the music, as well as working on the music I sorted out the costume. Me and Camilla re-filmed the "bike scene" as both Yasmin and Jessica couldn't make it while Camilla filmed I acted, we both had input on what shots we were going to use and how we were going to pick up the pace. After filming this we put it on the Mac and Jess edited using the  premiere software. We then all watched the latest cut to see where we wanted our credits to appear, we couldn't decide on what we liked best so we had all turns. Jess did pink titles which flashed on the screen one after another, me, Camilla  and Yasmin took these credits and changed the colours for each role and actor so the audience would be able to see what parts were joint together, we then decided it would be better if the job role and name appeared together and was in a simple text and easy to read. After we had done this we decided if we should have the main title at the start or end we decided to have it at the end so it would act as a closing scene.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 7: Looking back at my perliminary task what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We had to look at our continuity very closely as we cut to different shots one after another for example when I came out of the house got on my bike and drove away. We found we had to film it several times each time making sure it flowed perfectly. We also had to make sure when we were editing that we didn't make it look disjointed.
For example below are some images of us having to make sure that the fall looked the same on both shots and that I wasn't further up the steps or too far down.

Above you can see we have used the same shots when opening and closing the door.
Overall we didn't have to use many aspects of our perliminary task yet as we haven't needed to uses shot reverse shots. We have had to look at our continuity on some things such as me falling down the stairs. Although we haven't used shot reverse shots or match action shots if we did continue on with our film I feel we would use a lot more  shot reverse shots as there would be alot of dialogue between the different girls.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

 Before filming the opening sequence I had never used the professional cameras or tripods but were easy to learn how to use and after I learnt had no problems with using.

All of the editing was done on the Apple Macs using Adobe Premiere. Again I had never used this programme before, but was essential in completing our project, Jess who had used the programme before showed me how to use so i could contribute to the editing. After being shown how to use it I found it a lot easier and was able to contribute to the group. I learnt how to import videos and music, how to cut and merge videos, how to add in titles and transitions and how to lower sounds and louden sounds in different parts.  Below is a picture of the software being used.

Below is a list of software used throughout the project.

Itunes- Itunes was used to import our soundtrack so we could then put it onto premiere, we also     got our car locking sound from here.

Blogger- Blogger has been used throughout the project to record our progress.

Garage Band- Garage Band was used to create our soundtrack. Garage band allows you to use the built in microphone to record your voice, you are also able to record instruments or use their instrument beats. Once you have decided what beat and instruments you want you can record your voice while the music is playing so your in time. If you want to record yourself singing but don't have the best singing voice you can also alter your voice to make it sound better of have a special effect.

Youtube- We have used youtube to get our media into the public and receive feedback. Once we had a rough cut we were able to simply upload it onto youtube by using one of our groups youtube accounts. Once it was uploaded we were able to add annotations, descriptions and a title. Once it was online anyone could see it this allowed a wider audience so we could receive more feedback,

Google- We were able to research everything using google

Facebook- we used facebook to communicate to each other and arrange filming dates. We used Facebook chat, mail and wall to wall to communicate throughout the project. We found this the easiest way to get in touch as all of us used Facebook regularly.  By using Facebook mail we could all be in the same email and discuss matters as a group. We could also attach files if we wanted to share something. Facebook chat allowed us to talk to each other in "real time" as to be online you have to signed in so I knew i would get a reply straight away. Wall to Wall allowed us again to talk to each other however this was the only one that wasn't private so everyone could see what we were writing. As we mostly wanted to talk as a group we mainly used Facebook Mail.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 5: How did I attract/ address my audience?

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 4: Who would be the audience for my media product?

  This is Alex cooper she is 15 years old and lives in Deal Kent. Alex enjoys getting ready in the morning and talking to her friends about the latest trends but isn't obsessed or vain. Her favourite shops are Topshop, River Island, H&M and Cult. She enjoys going to the cinema with her friends to watch films such as Water for Elephants, Something Borrowed, insidious, cedar rapids and the Social Network. She also likes to watch DVDS at home with her friends she mainly watches Mean girls, Aquamarine, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and house bunny. Alex also enjoys watching programmes such as 90210, Hollyoaks, Skins, The Only Way is Essex, Britains got talent, Jersey Shore and Modern Family. She mainly watches shows on channel4, itv2, E4, 4music, MTV and BBC Three. Alex likes to listen to a variety of different music and likes to listen to Radio1 and Radio1xtra. I think our film would appeal to Alex as she seems to be laidback and doesn't take things to seriously she also enjoys watching shows like Jersey Shore and TOWIE which are reality shows, based on that i think she would enjoy our film as she would be able to relate to it. 

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Pictured above is our Production Logo when deciding on the name of the production we wanted it to reflect on our selves and be a bit different from other production company names. We all came up with different ideas and designs and showed them to each other to see which we thought was best. In the end we decided on BJUICY productions as the "bjuicy" part incorporated all of our initials and felt quite individual. After we had decided on the name, Yasmin  created the logo on Adobe. She used flowers to make it more feminine and made the background black and font white so it would really stand out but stay professional looking. 

A production company is solely responsible for making the actual media being distributed. In doing so the production company will often fund the project so will have say on who directs and which actors are hired.  Many production companies will be owned by well known studios such as Disney, if this is the case the studio can choose the actors and directors and often certain actors, directors and photographers will have contracts with certain studios which means they are more likely to be involved with films made by the studios production company.

After looking at certain films and which companies produced them I thought which one would be best suited for our film. I thought that Disney would be a good choice as they are very successful, a well known established company in the industry and are the most recognisable media franchise . As well as the other factors Disney have produced such films as confessions of a teenage drama queen, Freaky Friday, Enchanted and ice princess they also have films contracted for 2013. Disney also distribute films too so would be great for our film. However i'm not sure whether Disney would be totally suitable for our film as many people that watch Disney are a lot younger than who we are aiming at. Another production company great for our film would be paramount pictures as they have produced such films as mean girls, napoleon dynamite, stardust and the heartbreak kid. Paramount pictures seem to have a better target audience and suit our film, paramount pictures are also very successful and have many films in the pipeline. Paramount also distribute and are very well known around the world for producing great films and have also been around longer. I decided to go with a mainstream producer rather than an indie company like Miramax  who manly produce independent or foreign films.

We decided to have the production logo appear first as many films do this to introduce the companies. We then decided to have the font the same throughout the opening to make it flow better and seem more professional. We decided for the job roles to appear first then the actors name to appear when their character is on screen I feel that this shows the audience who the character is so they know right at the beginning. 

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 2: How does my media product represent particular social groups?

How does our product represent particular social groups?

We found that most teenage chick flicks used very stereotypical characters, we decided to do the same and make the geek very stereotypical and the popular girls also stereotypical.
To do this we looked at how people see geeks and other stereotypes to see what we needed to do make sure we followed the same criteria. I would say that our character represent the characters as most people would expect.
We made chandler seem awkward and unaware of her social status.
Where we made bailey and brooke seem bitchy and two faced.

I've chosen to look at Chandler and how she's represented in more depth. Geeks are often portrayed in most films, programmes and even music videos which are aimed at teenagers. I took on the role in the film as they felt I would be better suited to it than the other girls as i'm more outgoing and comical, another factor that made me Chandler was that Yasmin and Camilla both look very similar they both have blonde hair are tall and slim which made them perfect to be best friends and popular.  Pictured above is me in the film and drew Barrymore in "never been kissed" as you can see from the picture there are some similarities for example both are wearing out of date unflattering clothes which make them look even more quirky, individual and uncool. Both also have messy and childish compared to other peoples hair. However although we took inspiration from other film we didn't want it to seem the same so i decided to make Chandler wear a "superdry" jacket which are popular and fashionable. To keep her still geeky i made sure the rest of the outfit was uncoordinated, clashed and looked like it was just shoved on without any thought. We found our inspiration from many different characters, i would say that i found most of the inspiration in Napoleon Dynamite as both Chandler and Napoleon seem outgoing and don't understand that they are in fact unpopular and geeks. 
For example in both films there are dance scenes which show the geeks being completely unaware of how bad they are. I found that in most films/ programmes involving geeks the geeks are usually unaware of them being unpopular and unstylish.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The opening titles
Before starting our product we researched our genre and looked at different opening sequences and the titles. While researching we looked at what fonts and colours were typically used. So when it came to putting in the titles we knew what types of font would fit in with out category. We decided to use pinks and very feminine colours, for the title of the film we used a pink font which slowly graduated into blue. We wanted it to be fun, quirky and most of all girly, the title has a light up effect and i feel fits in with the genre. Titles like our own can be found in many chick flicks such as 13 going on 30, mean girls and confessions of a shopaholic.

Setting and Location
We wanted to start our story in a girls bedroom which was very girly so that the audience would be able to see what type of girl our main character, chandler, is before we get to know her character. In many chick flicks such as The Lizzy Mcguire Movie start in the bedroom where we usually see the girl/ character getting ready. We decided that we wanted the girl to be in a very pink room which looked like it was for a younger girl. We thought Camillas house would be perfect as it has country lanes which we could use for chandler riding to school.

Costumes and props
we wanted to make sure the audience could tell what character chandler is before she even spoke, I thought the best way to do this was with the use of props in the room and what she was wearing. I chose to be wearing matching long pj's and to have half my outfit on underneath to show the audience she likes things organised, I also wanted it to show she doesnt really care about her appearance as nobody would go to school in what they went to sleep in. We made sure the room only had childish things and I only had minimal make up which wasn't nice or done nicely using brushes. This type of thing can be seen in every single movie, many directors make sure the setting reflects on the character for example in confessions of a shopaholic she lives in new york which is the fashion capital of the world. We also see her appartment is full of clothes and pretty, fashionable things.

Editing and camera work
We deciding that in editing to make our opening flow better and look more professional to add in transitions such as the as the scene blacking out from one to another.
We could see that many films would do this if there were a drastic change in scenery or characters.

When introducing the characters we wanted to use the same font but change the colour so that it was obvious that they were different jobs and different roles. We decided to use a simple font that was easy to read and colours which fitted in with the genre but was also easy for the audience to read.

How the opening suggests what genre we have chosen
We followed typical conventions of chick flicks to show what genre we had picked and to make it obvious to the audience. We decided that to do this we really had to make sure the audience could relate to the story and make it funny and enjoyable to watch. To make sure we hit topics that people expected to see I made a questionnaire and handed it out to ten females and males to see what story they would expect hear, what charcters there should be and what age group it should be aimed at this really helped us see what we needed to do to make the opening sequence more successful. The scenes in the room are very important as they show the audience what Chandler is like and what personality she has, as the audience we can see that she is girly and maybe a bit childish just by looking at her room as it is specifically tailored to her taste.

How are the characters introduced
We wanted the opening to reveal the three main characters and show the relationship between the three of them. We looked at everything they needed to know how they would be dressed. We also wanted there to be a very obvious contrast bewteen the two popular girls, bailey and brooke, and Chandler the loser. As chandler is the key character we wanted to introduce her first, we wanted her seem fun and bubbly and a geek who thinks shes cool. We did this by introducing her energetically for example the shot above shows her dancing around to a song and not taking getting ready seriously whereas as Brooke and Bailey would take hours getting ready doing their make up. Both bailey and brooke are introduced together locking a expensive car and walking/ strutting into school with chandler running up behind her.

Special effects
Our film didn't need to use special effects, we found that many chick flicks didn't use any special effects as the stories were usually close to real life and relatable whereas something like an action film uses lots of special effects as things happen in it that don't usually happen in real life.

Time line of our credits and shots used

Timeline of Credits

0.00-0.06 - Bjuicy productions presents
0.28-0.30-  Produced by Yasmin Stageman
0.35-0.38- Directed by Jessica Oxley
0.42-0.44- Camera and Editing by Jessica Oxley and Camilla Gill
0.52-0.54- Music by Camilla Gill and Rebecca Reynolds
1.06- 1.09- Costume by Rebecca Reynolds
1.48-1.50- Rebecca Reynolds as Chandler
1.50-1.52- Yasmin Stageman as Brooke and Camilla Gill as Bailey
2.03-2.07- Sex Drugs and Discoballs.

Shots used
 Chandler lying in bed - Medium shot is used
 Chandler falls out of bed, i'm  is on the floor- Long shot is used
 The camera tracks as Chandler gets up and walks over to the light switch- medium shot is used
Chandler walks over to Ipod docking station- medium shot
Chandler presses play on the ipod- close up
Chandler opens the curtains and picks up her clothes- tracking medium shot is used
Chandler hops across the screen while putting on her socks I do  this twice- medium shot is used both times
Chandler dances around the room and infront of the mirror -medium shot is used
Chandler runs out of the bedroom- medium shot is used
This cuts to me running and then skidding along the hallway- a medium long shot is used
Chandler runs down the stairs and falls- Long shot is used as i get further down the stairs it becomes a medium close up
Chandler grabs the cereal and runs out of the door- medium shot is used
This cuts to me running out the door with the camera on the other side- medium shot is used
 Chandler gets onto her bike- a medium close up is used
Chandler pours in the cereal into the bowl and places the box on a bench and waves goodbye- a medium shot is used
Chandler rides through a puddle- close up is used
Chandler rides the bike along the road- high angle shots and long shots are used, the camera also tracks me along the road
Chandler ride her bike further along- a medium long shot is used
Chandler attempts to blow up her tyres- medium shot is used while tracking me
Chandler wipes her forehead- medium close up is used
Fades into the school scene
Bailey and Brooke lock car and walk into school- medium shot is used while tracking them along
Chandler runs up behind them- long shot is used
Chandler flicks her hair and says hello to the girls- medium close up is used
Fades into the Title


After finishing one of our later cuts I decided to show it to a few people so i could receive feedback and see what needed to be changed. I showed it to three different people and underneath are there comments:

Alice: " I thought it was funny and i really liked the Titles used, the story seems to be a bit confusing at the moment."

Amy: " I think some of the shots used are really great and it flows really well, I also like that you've made your own soundtrack which relates to the story."

Ben: " seems quite comical and light hearted, really like the story and the characters, really like the way the titles made it clear who was who."

From the feedback I received I could see what bits might need tweaking and what bits really worked. I mainly received good feedback and could see that the majority of people understood and would want to see this film. From the feedback it was obvious that everyone liked the characterisation we used and the soundtrack.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Changing different parts

After looking at different parts of the latest cut we decided to change different aspects. We all felt it would be better if at the end of the opening we showed Bailey and Brooke's reaction to Chandler, we thought this would show the contrast in characters more and what the two girls both think of Chandler. We also decided to change the credits, we decided that the font and colour would be better if we changed it so it looked more professional. We also changed the order of the titles so that the name of our film came up at the end of the short opening as we found many chick flicks and other genres had a short opening before their title came up.

Changing the certificate

After adding the soundtrack we decided to change the certificate from a 12A to a 15. We decided this would be a better target audience as there is mild/ moderate language used. For example in the soundtrack "bitch" is used. We also felt that it is targeted at 15 and above because of the subjects we will be covering in the film, we also felt that people under this age wouldn't be able to relate to the story line. 


Continuity Task

Match on action shot
Match on action is when you cut two different clips together, which show two different views of the same thing. this can become tricky when editing as you don't want the shot to be disjointed. For example when editing a match on action shot of a door opening you don't want to see the door opening twice or once be nearly shut then the next time fully open.

  Shot reverse shot
Shot reverse shot is when you see the characters having a conversation, we see the character talking but the other character isn't in shot this then switches to the other character when they are speaking. 

I feel that the continuity task went well as the shots looked good and were edited well.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Re-filming weaker parts of the film

On Tuesday 29th March both me and Camilla re- filmed parts of the film that the whole group thought were weaker than other parts. We chose Tuesday as the weather was best matched to our original footage. The weather plays a big part in filming as you don't want it to seem very sunny and bright one minute then dull and grey another because of this we had to make sure the weather and the brightness matched with the original footage. We wanted to re-film the part were Chandler ran out the door and started riding to school, we chose this scene as the feedback from colleagues and teachers suggested that this was the weakest part. 
To make the pace of this scene match up with others we wanted to make it quicker and have a bit more comedy in it. We decided to change the original story a little bit and have Chandlers bike tyre's be flat because of this she can't ride her bike properly and ends up having to get off and blow it up with her mouth. When we came to edit it into the original piece it looked and flowed much better with the other material.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Feedback from Questionnaire

I printed out and gave my questionnaire to 20 people. After receiving the completed ones back I looked at the results and figured out the most popular answers.

1. What gender are you?
10 were female
10 were female

2. What is your favourite genre?
7 of the females said chick flick/ comedy. Two others said Romcom and the other female said horror/thriller.
8 of the males said action while the other two chose comedy

3. On average how many chick flicks do you watch a year?
2 of the females chose 6-11 while the others chose other and all put over 20 times.
9 of the boys said 1-5 while only one said they had never watched a chick flick.

4. What issues would you expect to be in a chick flick story line?
The majority of both female and males said love, a hero, popular and geeky girls, someone getting over a struggle, parties, drinking, coming of age and someone considered an outcast becoming popular.

5. What characters would you expect to see in a chick flick?
All of the people said all of the above.

6. What audience would you expect a chick flick to be aimed at?
8 of the females said teenage girls and the other 2 said women aged 13-25
All of the males said teenage girls

7. What age would you expect to see most in a chick flick?
The females answers ranged from 16-30 year olds
Were the males answers ranged from 15-18

8. Would you go and see a chick flick?
All of the females said yes
7 of the boys said depends who i'm with while 2 said yes and 1 said no. The 7 that said depends who i'm with said they would see one with a girlfriend.

9. If you could change any aspects of a chick flick what would it be and why?
Many of the females said they wouldn't want to change anything while a small majority said they would want more comical chick flicks as they find many chick flicks are serious.
The majority of the males said they would also like more comical chick flicks as they would find it more interesting to watch.

10.  Have you found this questionnaire useful?
All said yes.

From these results I can see what age group to aim my film at and what improvements I could make to the story line to make it more enjoyable for both females and males. I can also see that my film is described as a chick flick by others.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Second draft of our opening sequence

This is our second draft which incorporated  mine and Camilla's soundtrack, this isn't yet finished as we still had the scene from the school to film. However after filming the school scene, editing it in and showing it to Miss. Stone we decided to re-film some parts as our teacher gave us some feedback. When watching this cut Miss. Stone thought that the dancing scene was a little too long and the pace of the scene outside while I was on my bike slowed down. So we decided to re-film  the bike scene so it would fit in to our genre more and would be more entertaining we also decided to re-film the school scene so that it would be a better quality.

The finished soundtrack

Here is the finished soundtrack we felt it really worked well within the opening sequence as we thought it was ironic that a geeky girl, chandler, would be listening to hip-hop/ RnB. We also thought it went well with the pace of the opening and because we decided to make the soundtrack ourselves we could put what we wanted in the lyrics and have total control over it. 
Me and Camilla both worked on the lyrics and thought it would be good to talk about chandlers life in the song, from this the audience can really see how Chandler thinks of herself and what she thinks of Bailey and Brooke. 
The first thing we did was write the lyrics for the rap, me and Camilla finished this then showed it to Jess and Yasmin to make sure they liked it too. After this me and Camilla looked for a beat that we could use on garage band after compiling different beats and instruments together Camilla recording the rap over the top. We then put this in the opening and edited our opening accordingly so it would all fit together and work with the beat used. Below is a print screen of the software we used.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Evaluation of the group perfomance

What went well?
I feel that our group worked very well together we all had separate tasks which meant we were given some creative input each as we all had something different to offer. For example Jess Oxely did the storyboard based on the script me and Yasmin wrote. We also worked well making up the story line as we all contributed different ideas.  Even though we had some difficulty filming our second draft was much better as we used a tripod and knew what shots we needed to use. We also managed to cut down the running time of the opening sequence which made it more precise, the second time round we also changed the soundtrack to one myself and Camilla had produced. This soundtrack was not playing this time which made it much easier to edit later on. We made the opening sequence feel less like a music video and more like an opening to a movie.

What didn't work so well?
After looking and editing our first draft we found that we couldn't use the original soundtrack, because I had mimed to the soundtrack while dancing we had to go back and film it all again. We also found it hard to get everyone together on days to film this meant some people were missing when we were filming. Because of this  some aspects of the film that certain people would want in may have not been filmed. We also fond it hard to get a car and bike into school as in the school hours there were a lot of disruption to our filming from people walking past and talking.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Our first draft of opening sequence

Audience research questionnaire

  1.  This is the questionnaire i have made, i intend on printing it out and passing it out to a different range of people. I will give it out to fellow peers, adults and children to fill out and give to me. From the completed forms I will be able to see what people expect from a chick flick.  

    1. what gender are you?
       Please circle your choice


  1. What is you favourite movie genre? Please specify below



    1. On average how many times a year do you watch Chick Flick?
      please circle your choice
                                    I have never watched a chick flick





If other please specify:...........................................................................

    1. What issues would you expect to be in a chick flick story line?
    2. What kind of characters would you expect to see in a chick flick?


                                        popular girls


                                        All of the above


If other please specify: …...........................................................................

  1. What audience would you expect a chick flick to be aimed at?

  1. What age would you expect to see most of in a chick flick?

  1. Would you go and see a chick flick?
    please circle your choice

Yes                No               Depends who i'm with

If you chose depends who i'm with please specify your reasons.


  1. If you could change any aspects of chick flicks what would it be and why?

  1. Have you found this questionnaire useful?
    Please circle your choice
Yes              No

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Changes to the script

As we had issues with using the original soundtrack "barbie girl" because of copyright i have rewritten the script. 
Scene 1
Chandler is asleep in bed she rolls over and falls out of her bed. She gets up switches on teh light then puts a song on her ipod. there is a close up of the ipod playing. she then opens her curtains and grabs her clothes. Chandler is dancing in her room whilst singing and listening to the song me and camilla made.We see mid shots, high angle shots and low angle shots to see every point of view of her dancing. Chandler is dancing in her pajamas.
The camera cuts again to a mid shot and Chandler hops across the screen as she attempts to put on her socks. She then hops the other was as she puts the other sock on. The camera remains where it is as it waits for her to cross the screen again.
The camera cuts again to another point in the bedroom, still focusing on chandler. This time she is pulling on a jumper over her t-shirt. She is having difficulty. The song remains to play.
Another mid shot of chandler as she does the button up on her trousers. She is stood by the bed post which has a scarf placed on it. Once the button is done up there is a close up of the bed post as Chandlers had grabs the scarf. Its quick. Another close up of Chandlers neck as the scarf is wrapped around. Chandler positions herself infront of the mirror again as she holds up earings to see what they'd look like. Her head is bobbing in time to the music.
Chandler is looking in the mirror the camera is above her shoulder so we can see her refelction. . Chandler falls on the floor very dramatically, knocking over things in her room while she falls.
Chandler see's her watch and realizes she is late for school, we see an extreme close up of her watch..
Chandler then runs out of her bedroom  skidding out of the door she then runs down the stairs. while she is running she falls down the steps. into the kitchen a tracking shot of to get some cereal and milk to refill her breakfast bike.

  SARA: Oh darling you look positively radiant. Don't  let anyone tell you otherwise

 Chandler leaves her house catching her cardigan in the door as she walks her cardigan rips off. Chandler begins to put on her protective gear and fills up her breakfast bike and puts on her rucksack. As she gets on her bike Ridin Dirty begins to play. The screen pauses and as 'they see me rolling' begins to play we are bought back to Chandler who is riding her bike. This is slow motion and chandler is trying to be sexy. Still in slow motion Chandler pours the cereal into the bowl strapped to the front of her bike, she does this using over exaggerated movements. Chandler now pours the milk ontop, again with big movements. She whips out a spoon from behind her ear and goes to take a mouthful.
The camera uses a tracking shot  follow Chandler on her way to school. Chandler arrives at school as the popular girls are getting out of there car. Ridin dirty is still playing in the background as the popular girls pull up the music is no longer in the background and is being played in their car radio this turns off as the girls get out of the car. all three girls are walking along and swish their hair at the same time

CHANDLER: Oh hey gurrls you look super nice hot today!!

The "BFF BBZ" both look at each other

 Brooke: oh hey bbz you look so good today you should  totally ask out Brad he would toally say yes.

Brad is the school heartthrob. As Brooke is talking to Chandler Bailey pushes chandler into Alan Smithe, the school geek as he walks past.

ALAN SMITHE: oh! (alan laughs nervously trying not to make eye contact) Hey you look really nice today!

CHANDLER: EWWW, ALAN SMITHE! I'm like way out of your league. people cant see us speaking.


Alan gets very flustered and walks/runs off. Chandler walks into school completely oblivious that she is the geek. As she is walking into school the credits appear.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Timing of our credits

Foley Sound

We have decided that the song me and Camilla have made will be added in post production as we want it to play throughout the opening. We also decided to a car locking sound in post production as it would be louder and more emphasized if added afterwards. To do this we added them while editing using different software together to produce what we wanted. 

Filming Schedule

We decided to film on Saturday 22nd January. On this day we wanted to film Chandler getting ready for school and setting off we were unable to film the last bits in school as one of our members couldn't come
We decided that our best option was to film again on Wednesday 26th January. We decided to look at the weather for both days because if the weather was completely different there would be continuity errors.
While filming on the Saturday it was very grey but we managed to film while it wasn't raining. However the ground was still wet and the roads were filled with puddles.

On the Wednesday we had planned to film again it was meant to be heavy rain all day. Depending on what the weather and surrounding were like on Wednesday we would film. When it came to Wednesday we didn't film as the weather was too different and would be obvious to the audience.  We decided to edit the film that I had already started to edit on Monday.

New soundtrack

Originally we were going to use the Barbie and Ridin' dirty soundtrack. However this meant we were infringing copyright laws because of this me and Camilla started to work on producing our own song. We have written out the lyrics and have started composing the track on garage band.


verse one
 Its the morning and im ready to go
Check me out im real sexy yo yo

Bailey and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they fall for me

ooo living life as me
oooo live life so dangerously

Verse two
i got my breakfast bowl and im ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautiful day
as i cruise past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hatin on me
i thinks its coz they just cant see
how god damn hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the AND the LER quick call the LPD yo

oo making noises
and making choices
i cant do this
i might lose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
were cruising down the streets in our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3's
so bow bitch and get down on your knees.

Opening Titles

We have been looking at different designs for our opening titles. Yasmin has made these which we are going to use for our film. We will use the original BJUICY productions design which will appear first. Then BJUICY productions presents will appear after this Sex, Drugs and Disco balls will appear.

Monday, 17 January 2011