Saturday, 7 May 2011

My role within the group

I played chandler which meant I didn't use the camera and film as much as I would like too however I did do various other things such as writing the script helping camilla with the song. Editing, costume and re- editing. We all took different job roles within the group but had input on everything to make sure we were all happy with what everyone was doing in the group. Jess did the camera work and most of the editing while Yaz directed the film on where she wanted everyone to stand and act. Camilla edited the film, setting and  we both worked on the music, as well as working on the music I sorted out the costume. Me and Camilla re-filmed the "bike scene" as both Yasmin and Jessica couldn't make it while Camilla filmed I acted, we both had input on what shots we were going to use and how we were going to pick up the pace. After filming this we put it on the Mac and Jess edited using the  premiere software. We then all watched the latest cut to see where we wanted our credits to appear, we couldn't decide on what we liked best so we had all turns. Jess did pink titles which flashed on the screen one after another, me, Camilla  and Yasmin took these credits and changed the colours for each role and actor so the audience would be able to see what parts were joint together, we then decided it would be better if the job role and name appeared together and was in a simple text and easy to read. After we had done this we decided if we should have the main title at the start or end we decided to have it at the end so it would act as a closing scene.

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