Sunday, 27 March 2011

Feedback from Questionnaire

I printed out and gave my questionnaire to 20 people. After receiving the completed ones back I looked at the results and figured out the most popular answers.

1. What gender are you?
10 were female
10 were female

2. What is your favourite genre?
7 of the females said chick flick/ comedy. Two others said Romcom and the other female said horror/thriller.
8 of the males said action while the other two chose comedy

3. On average how many chick flicks do you watch a year?
2 of the females chose 6-11 while the others chose other and all put over 20 times.
9 of the boys said 1-5 while only one said they had never watched a chick flick.

4. What issues would you expect to be in a chick flick story line?
The majority of both female and males said love, a hero, popular and geeky girls, someone getting over a struggle, parties, drinking, coming of age and someone considered an outcast becoming popular.

5. What characters would you expect to see in a chick flick?
All of the people said all of the above.

6. What audience would you expect a chick flick to be aimed at?
8 of the females said teenage girls and the other 2 said women aged 13-25
All of the males said teenage girls

7. What age would you expect to see most in a chick flick?
The females answers ranged from 16-30 year olds
Were the males answers ranged from 15-18

8. Would you go and see a chick flick?
All of the females said yes
7 of the boys said depends who i'm with while 2 said yes and 1 said no. The 7 that said depends who i'm with said they would see one with a girlfriend.

9. If you could change any aspects of a chick flick what would it be and why?
Many of the females said they wouldn't want to change anything while a small majority said they would want more comical chick flicks as they find many chick flicks are serious.
The majority of the males said they would also like more comical chick flicks as they would find it more interesting to watch.

10.  Have you found this questionnaire useful?
All said yes.

From these results I can see what age group to aim my film at and what improvements I could make to the story line to make it more enjoyable for both females and males. I can also see that my film is described as a chick flick by others.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Second draft of our opening sequence

This is our second draft which incorporated  mine and Camilla's soundtrack, this isn't yet finished as we still had the scene from the school to film. However after filming the school scene, editing it in and showing it to Miss. Stone we decided to re-film some parts as our teacher gave us some feedback. When watching this cut Miss. Stone thought that the dancing scene was a little too long and the pace of the scene outside while I was on my bike slowed down. So we decided to re-film  the bike scene so it would fit in to our genre more and would be more entertaining we also decided to re-film the school scene so that it would be a better quality.

The finished soundtrack

Here is the finished soundtrack we felt it really worked well within the opening sequence as we thought it was ironic that a geeky girl, chandler, would be listening to hip-hop/ RnB. We also thought it went well with the pace of the opening and because we decided to make the soundtrack ourselves we could put what we wanted in the lyrics and have total control over it. 
Me and Camilla both worked on the lyrics and thought it would be good to talk about chandlers life in the song, from this the audience can really see how Chandler thinks of herself and what she thinks of Bailey and Brooke. 
The first thing we did was write the lyrics for the rap, me and Camilla finished this then showed it to Jess and Yasmin to make sure they liked it too. After this me and Camilla looked for a beat that we could use on garage band after compiling different beats and instruments together Camilla recording the rap over the top. We then put this in the opening and edited our opening accordingly so it would all fit together and work with the beat used. Below is a print screen of the software we used.