Saturday, 7 May 2011

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 2: How does my media product represent particular social groups?

How does our product represent particular social groups?

We found that most teenage chick flicks used very stereotypical characters, we decided to do the same and make the geek very stereotypical and the popular girls also stereotypical.
To do this we looked at how people see geeks and other stereotypes to see what we needed to do make sure we followed the same criteria. I would say that our character represent the characters as most people would expect.
We made chandler seem awkward and unaware of her social status.
Where we made bailey and brooke seem bitchy and two faced.

I've chosen to look at Chandler and how she's represented in more depth. Geeks are often portrayed in most films, programmes and even music videos which are aimed at teenagers. I took on the role in the film as they felt I would be better suited to it than the other girls as i'm more outgoing and comical, another factor that made me Chandler was that Yasmin and Camilla both look very similar they both have blonde hair are tall and slim which made them perfect to be best friends and popular.  Pictured above is me in the film and drew Barrymore in "never been kissed" as you can see from the picture there are some similarities for example both are wearing out of date unflattering clothes which make them look even more quirky, individual and uncool. Both also have messy and childish compared to other peoples hair. However although we took inspiration from other film we didn't want it to seem the same so i decided to make Chandler wear a "superdry" jacket which are popular and fashionable. To keep her still geeky i made sure the rest of the outfit was uncoordinated, clashed and looked like it was just shoved on without any thought. We found our inspiration from many different characters, i would say that i found most of the inspiration in Napoleon Dynamite as both Chandler and Napoleon seem outgoing and don't understand that they are in fact unpopular and geeks. 
For example in both films there are dance scenes which show the geeks being completely unaware of how bad they are. I found that in most films/ programmes involving geeks the geeks are usually unaware of them being unpopular and unstylish.

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