Saturday, 7 May 2011

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 7: Looking back at my perliminary task what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We had to look at our continuity very closely as we cut to different shots one after another for example when I came out of the house got on my bike and drove away. We found we had to film it several times each time making sure it flowed perfectly. We also had to make sure when we were editing that we didn't make it look disjointed.
For example below are some images of us having to make sure that the fall looked the same on both shots and that I wasn't further up the steps or too far down.

Above you can see we have used the same shots when opening and closing the door.
Overall we didn't have to use many aspects of our perliminary task yet as we haven't needed to uses shot reverse shots. We have had to look at our continuity on some things such as me falling down the stairs. Although we haven't used shot reverse shots or match action shots if we did continue on with our film I feel we would use a lot more  shot reverse shots as there would be alot of dialogue between the different girls.

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