Monday, 13 December 2010


We have decided to film the majority of the opening in a house, this house will not be very big and will be very cluttered/ dirty. Her parents are very eccentric so there will be arts and crafts and little bits and bobs everywhere. The house will be surrounded in fields and country lanes as the family like to be outdoors.

The inside of the house will generally be clean but a little cluttered. The house is always chaos in the morning as people have forgotten where they have put their belongings. This explains why Chandler always seems to be late and disorganised.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


We have decided to make our soundtrack to the film Barbie Girl by Aqua. We have decided this as it is very girly and is now classed as a cheesy, out of date and an unpopular song. This will play for the opening credits and as she is getting ready for school. We have chosen this song in particular as she likes to think that she looks like Barbie and is also popular like Barbie.

Other Sounds
After the starting credits we have decided to add in another song "riding dirty" by Chamillioanre. We have chosen this as it is not something that she would usually listen to. It also reflects on her character as she thinks she is cool when she is not. The song will be playing while she is riding to school on her bicycle this is good as the song is about "cruising" (riding) in a car however she thinks she is cool when in fact she is a loser.

However since starting this I have discovered that using these soundtracks would be copyright. I have now decided to make our own soundtrack for the opening. I will be using garage band to make this, I will also be doing the vocals as I will be playing chandler.