Sunday, 20 March 2011

The finished soundtrack

Here is the finished soundtrack we felt it really worked well within the opening sequence as we thought it was ironic that a geeky girl, chandler, would be listening to hip-hop/ RnB. We also thought it went well with the pace of the opening and because we decided to make the soundtrack ourselves we could put what we wanted in the lyrics and have total control over it. 
Me and Camilla both worked on the lyrics and thought it would be good to talk about chandlers life in the song, from this the audience can really see how Chandler thinks of herself and what she thinks of Bailey and Brooke. 
The first thing we did was write the lyrics for the rap, me and Camilla finished this then showed it to Jess and Yasmin to make sure they liked it too. After this me and Camilla looked for a beat that we could use on garage band after compiling different beats and instruments together Camilla recording the rap over the top. We then put this in the opening and edited our opening accordingly so it would all fit together and work with the beat used. Below is a print screen of the software we used.

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