Saturday, 7 May 2011


After finishing one of our later cuts I decided to show it to a few people so i could receive feedback and see what needed to be changed. I showed it to three different people and underneath are there comments:

Alice: " I thought it was funny and i really liked the Titles used, the story seems to be a bit confusing at the moment."

Amy: " I think some of the shots used are really great and it flows really well, I also like that you've made your own soundtrack which relates to the story."

Ben: " seems quite comical and light hearted, really like the story and the characters, really like the way the titles made it clear who was who."

From the feedback I received I could see what bits might need tweaking and what bits really worked. I mainly received good feedback and could see that the majority of people understood and would want to see this film. From the feedback it was obvious that everyone liked the characterisation we used and the soundtrack.

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