Monday, 14 February 2011

Evaluation of the group perfomance

What went well?
I feel that our group worked very well together we all had separate tasks which meant we were given some creative input each as we all had something different to offer. For example Jess Oxely did the storyboard based on the script me and Yasmin wrote. We also worked well making up the story line as we all contributed different ideas.  Even though we had some difficulty filming our second draft was much better as we used a tripod and knew what shots we needed to use. We also managed to cut down the running time of the opening sequence which made it more precise, the second time round we also changed the soundtrack to one myself and Camilla had produced. This soundtrack was not playing this time which made it much easier to edit later on. We made the opening sequence feel less like a music video and more like an opening to a movie.

What didn't work so well?
After looking and editing our first draft we found that we couldn't use the original soundtrack, because I had mimed to the soundtrack while dancing we had to go back and film it all again. We also found it hard to get everyone together on days to film this meant some people were missing when we were filming. Because of this  some aspects of the film that certain people would want in may have not been filmed. We also fond it hard to get a car and bike into school as in the school hours there were a lot of disruption to our filming from people walking past and talking.

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