Friday, 19 November 2010

Sex Drugs and Rock and Disco Balls

We decided to look at the Chick Flick genre, because of this we decided to make a film based on school life and how peoples image are perceived. We decided to look at how High Schools always seem to have different clicks such as the popular pretty kids, the sporty kids, the nerdy kids, the emo/scene kids and the drama/musical kids. This type of film is very popular with teenage girls as they can relate to the scenarios in this genre. We have also decided to set it in high school as it gives a wider audience intake for our company as older women will want to watch as they would have been through the same thing. Also younger girls will want to watch as they will be anticipating high school life. By adding some comedy to the film we again widen our audience consumption as men will be more willing to watch it with their girlfriends, friends or other halves.

Our film will be based on a teenage girl and the surroundings of her life in and out of High School. Our main character Chandler is a nerd who likes to think she is cool the other popular girls pick up on this and make fun of her at any opportunity.  The scene will start with Chandler getting up for school and dancing around as she is clumsy she falls as she does she sees her watch and realises she is late for school.  she forgets to take off a sticker on her nose, she travels to school on a bike which has a breakfast bowl on the front, she thinks that this is a clever invention. This adds a bit of comedy to the film as anybody with common sense know that its nearly impossible for cereal to stay in a bowl on a bike all the way to school. As Chandler leaves she goes through the country side this will be in slow motion as she thinks she looks cool. At this point the credits will start to appear. Throughout the opening sequence "riding dirty" will be played we will do this by add SFX in post production.

What I have learnt from my chosen genre

 By watching different chick flicks I could see what content most chick flicks tended to have which would help me when coming to create and film my opening to a film. Many of the chick flicks i watched tend to stick towards the same kind of conventions, many were based on teenage girls, love life, rivarly between "popular" and "loser", cheerleaders and a end of year celebration such as prom. Other chick flicks which have older characters in the film usually have the subject of having to mature, managing to get over an obstacle and getting maried. All chick flicks seem to have a happy ending as that is what the audience wants, girls want to see a light hearted story or a deep love story where everything works out and has a happy ending. Many chick flicks seem to be a mature version of a fairy tale as they have the same layout of having a character that has to face obstacles but manages to get over them and have her happy ending. I will introduce most of these elements into my film to make it fit into  the chick flick genre.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Material Girls

The first thing we see is a lion roaring this is the logo for Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The second production company is Maverick their logo is two silver people. We hear Material Girl being played as this happens we see a medium close up on two different girls, who are sisters, in front of a white backdrop. We can see that they are at some sort of photo shoot or filming for an advert.The screen slides along to the two girls walking alongside each other in a medium close up. The screen then splits into four sectors in two of the sectors each girl is doing their make up in a close up. All four sectors are  then used in the same style. The screen is then split into thirds where they use a close up of her doing her mascara on two sectors then on the third one an extreme close up is used of her lip gloss. The screen freezes then zooms out and they are on a billboard for a cosmetics company. This then pans down to a high angle shot of New York traffic as this happens the credits start to appear.

First production logo fades in and out,  0.00-0.10
Second production logo fades in and out, 0.11-0.21
First and second actor, 0.22
"Arclight films presents" fades in and fades out, 1.16- 1.19
"Maverick films & Rafter H Entertainment" fades in and out, 1.20- 1.25
" In association  with Patriot Pictures LLC & Concept Entertainment" fades in and out, 1.26-1.29

Sunday, 14 November 2010

House Bunny

House Bunny's production company's are Columbia this is the first thing that appears on the screen, the logo is the statue of liberty in colour. The next thing that appears on the screen is Happy Madison Productions, this logo is a golf ball on a tee which gets hit into the screen and cracks. The screen first starts with a sepia photo album flicking through different pictures of the same girl growing up. Over this there is a narration of the girls voice telling us the story of her early life. This then cuts to a fairy tale book flicking pages changing the fairy tale each time this suggests that she didn't have a normal upbringing and that she isn't very intelligent. This then again cuts back to the album this time she is getting prettier she starts to tell the audience that because she got pretty she was able to find a family and home. This family turns out to be playboy bunnies and the house is the playboy house. The book then closes and we see a clear blue sky which begins the opening credits. In yellow it reads Columbia Pictures presents, the change over of words is used by an inflatable ball going across the screen. It goes on to introduce Relativity Media A Happy Madison Production. The camera pans down from the sky and goes into an extreme long shot of a pool party. A long shot is then used to introduce the main character. This opening is very useful as we already know everything about the main character, what she has been through, what she does for a living and how she has changed. .

Friday, 5 November 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The first thing that appears on the screen is Touch Screen Pictures logo which is a black circle with a lightening bolt going through it, it then goes on to Jerry Brukheimer Films which leads down a road on a desert with a thunderstorm this then becomes a still photo of lightening hitting a tree for their logo. It starts off with a birds eye view of children sitting in a store looking at shoes. In pink writing appears Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Brukheimer presents, then appears the title "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in pink glittery writing. The camera pans left over different shoes which are all fashionable and expensive. While this happens a narrative cuts over the top of the main character describing her childhood of buying shoes. How she had to get ugly cheap ones instead of the nicer ones. Throughout this scene names of the cast appear in the same pink font. As the camera pans across it comes to a stop at someone wearing big brown shoes, this shot then changes to a low angle shot of the girl with her mum and a sales assistant looking over her shoulders, this goes onto a long shot of other children who are fashionable and wearing pretty shoes they start to make fun of her. As the girls looks at them it changes to a medium shot of the main character. This cuts to a point of view shot of the main character and her mother walking through a high street. We see the main character stare into a shop window of expensive clothes in fascination. As she walks into the shops the women are in slow-motion trying on dresses.  We then see a medium low angle shot of a woman in a white dress and a tiara. This cuts to a high angle shot of a woman buying and paying for clothes using a credit card while the main character looks on. The narrator goes on to say how she used to love watching the women paying with "magic cards" and how she never thought she would own twelve of her own. As she says this it cuts to her walking down a high street,  grown up  and wearing expensive and fashionable clothes. This opening is good as we know who appears in the film straight away, we also know how she has always loved fashion, how she wasn't able to buy expensive or fashionable clothes.

"Touchstone Pictures" fades in and out, 0.00-0.11
"Jerry Burkheimer films" appears and blacks out, 0.12-0.20
"Touchstone Pictures & Jerry Burkheimer films presents" fades in and out, 0.24-0.26
"Confessions of a Shopaholic" fades in and out, 0.28-0.31
1st actor name fades in and out, 0.32-0.34
2nd actor name fades in and out, 0.35-0.37
3rd actor name fades in and out, 0.54-0.56
4th actor name fades in and out, 0.57-0.59
5th actor name fades in and out, 1.04-1.07
6th actor name fades in and out, 1.09-1.11
7th actor name fades in and out, 1.13-1.15
8th actor name fades in and out, 1.21-1.23
9th actor name fades in and out, 1.24-2.26
10th actor name fades in and out. 1.31