Saturday, 7 May 2011

Final opening sequence

My role within the group

I played chandler which meant I didn't use the camera and film as much as I would like too however I did do various other things such as writing the script helping camilla with the song. Editing, costume and re- editing. We all took different job roles within the group but had input on everything to make sure we were all happy with what everyone was doing in the group. Jess did the camera work and most of the editing while Yaz directed the film on where she wanted everyone to stand and act. Camilla edited the film, setting and  we both worked on the music, as well as working on the music I sorted out the costume. Me and Camilla re-filmed the "bike scene" as both Yasmin and Jessica couldn't make it while Camilla filmed I acted, we both had input on what shots we were going to use and how we were going to pick up the pace. After filming this we put it on the Mac and Jess edited using the  premiere software. We then all watched the latest cut to see where we wanted our credits to appear, we couldn't decide on what we liked best so we had all turns. Jess did pink titles which flashed on the screen one after another, me, Camilla  and Yasmin took these credits and changed the colours for each role and actor so the audience would be able to see what parts were joint together, we then decided it would be better if the job role and name appeared together and was in a simple text and easy to read. After we had done this we decided if we should have the main title at the start or end we decided to have it at the end so it would act as a closing scene.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 7: Looking back at my perliminary task what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We had to look at our continuity very closely as we cut to different shots one after another for example when I came out of the house got on my bike and drove away. We found we had to film it several times each time making sure it flowed perfectly. We also had to make sure when we were editing that we didn't make it look disjointed.
For example below are some images of us having to make sure that the fall looked the same on both shots and that I wasn't further up the steps or too far down.

Above you can see we have used the same shots when opening and closing the door.
Overall we didn't have to use many aspects of our perliminary task yet as we haven't needed to uses shot reverse shots. We have had to look at our continuity on some things such as me falling down the stairs. Although we haven't used shot reverse shots or match action shots if we did continue on with our film I feel we would use a lot more  shot reverse shots as there would be alot of dialogue between the different girls.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

 Before filming the opening sequence I had never used the professional cameras or tripods but were easy to learn how to use and after I learnt had no problems with using.

All of the editing was done on the Apple Macs using Adobe Premiere. Again I had never used this programme before, but was essential in completing our project, Jess who had used the programme before showed me how to use so i could contribute to the editing. After being shown how to use it I found it a lot easier and was able to contribute to the group. I learnt how to import videos and music, how to cut and merge videos, how to add in titles and transitions and how to lower sounds and louden sounds in different parts.  Below is a picture of the software being used.

Below is a list of software used throughout the project.

Itunes- Itunes was used to import our soundtrack so we could then put it onto premiere, we also     got our car locking sound from here.

Blogger- Blogger has been used throughout the project to record our progress.

Garage Band- Garage Band was used to create our soundtrack. Garage band allows you to use the built in microphone to record your voice, you are also able to record instruments or use their instrument beats. Once you have decided what beat and instruments you want you can record your voice while the music is playing so your in time. If you want to record yourself singing but don't have the best singing voice you can also alter your voice to make it sound better of have a special effect.

Youtube- We have used youtube to get our media into the public and receive feedback. Once we had a rough cut we were able to simply upload it onto youtube by using one of our groups youtube accounts. Once it was uploaded we were able to add annotations, descriptions and a title. Once it was online anyone could see it this allowed a wider audience so we could receive more feedback,

Google- We were able to research everything using google

Facebook- we used facebook to communicate to each other and arrange filming dates. We used Facebook chat, mail and wall to wall to communicate throughout the project. We found this the easiest way to get in touch as all of us used Facebook regularly.  By using Facebook mail we could all be in the same email and discuss matters as a group. We could also attach files if we wanted to share something. Facebook chat allowed us to talk to each other in "real time" as to be online you have to signed in so I knew i would get a reply straight away. Wall to Wall allowed us again to talk to each other however this was the only one that wasn't private so everyone could see what we were writing. As we mostly wanted to talk as a group we mainly used Facebook Mail.

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 5: How did I attract/ address my audience?

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 4: Who would be the audience for my media product?

  This is Alex cooper she is 15 years old and lives in Deal Kent. Alex enjoys getting ready in the morning and talking to her friends about the latest trends but isn't obsessed or vain. Her favourite shops are Topshop, River Island, H&M and Cult. She enjoys going to the cinema with her friends to watch films such as Water for Elephants, Something Borrowed, insidious, cedar rapids and the Social Network. She also likes to watch DVDS at home with her friends she mainly watches Mean girls, Aquamarine, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and house bunny. Alex also enjoys watching programmes such as 90210, Hollyoaks, Skins, The Only Way is Essex, Britains got talent, Jersey Shore and Modern Family. She mainly watches shows on channel4, itv2, E4, 4music, MTV and BBC Three. Alex likes to listen to a variety of different music and likes to listen to Radio1 and Radio1xtra. I think our film would appeal to Alex as she seems to be laidback and doesn't take things to seriously she also enjoys watching shows like Jersey Shore and TOWIE which are reality shows, based on that i think she would enjoy our film as she would be able to relate to it. 

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Pictured above is our Production Logo when deciding on the name of the production we wanted it to reflect on our selves and be a bit different from other production company names. We all came up with different ideas and designs and showed them to each other to see which we thought was best. In the end we decided on BJUICY productions as the "bjuicy" part incorporated all of our initials and felt quite individual. After we had decided on the name, Yasmin  created the logo on Adobe. She used flowers to make it more feminine and made the background black and font white so it would really stand out but stay professional looking. 

A production company is solely responsible for making the actual media being distributed. In doing so the production company will often fund the project so will have say on who directs and which actors are hired.  Many production companies will be owned by well known studios such as Disney, if this is the case the studio can choose the actors and directors and often certain actors, directors and photographers will have contracts with certain studios which means they are more likely to be involved with films made by the studios production company.

After looking at certain films and which companies produced them I thought which one would be best suited for our film. I thought that Disney would be a good choice as they are very successful, a well known established company in the industry and are the most recognisable media franchise . As well as the other factors Disney have produced such films as confessions of a teenage drama queen, Freaky Friday, Enchanted and ice princess they also have films contracted for 2013. Disney also distribute films too so would be great for our film. However i'm not sure whether Disney would be totally suitable for our film as many people that watch Disney are a lot younger than who we are aiming at. Another production company great for our film would be paramount pictures as they have produced such films as mean girls, napoleon dynamite, stardust and the heartbreak kid. Paramount pictures seem to have a better target audience and suit our film, paramount pictures are also very successful and have many films in the pipeline. Paramount also distribute and are very well known around the world for producing great films and have also been around longer. I decided to go with a mainstream producer rather than an indie company like Miramax  who manly produce independent or foreign films.

We decided to have the production logo appear first as many films do this to introduce the companies. We then decided to have the font the same throughout the opening to make it flow better and seem more professional. We decided for the job roles to appear first then the actors name to appear when their character is on screen I feel that this shows the audience who the character is so they know right at the beginning.