Sunday, 30 January 2011

Filming Schedule

We decided to film on Saturday 22nd January. On this day we wanted to film Chandler getting ready for school and setting off we were unable to film the last bits in school as one of our members couldn't come
We decided that our best option was to film again on Wednesday 26th January. We decided to look at the weather for both days because if the weather was completely different there would be continuity errors.
While filming on the Saturday it was very grey but we managed to film while it wasn't raining. However the ground was still wet and the roads were filled with puddles.

On the Wednesday we had planned to film again it was meant to be heavy rain all day. Depending on what the weather and surrounding were like on Wednesday we would film. When it came to Wednesday we didn't film as the weather was too different and would be obvious to the audience.  We decided to edit the film that I had already started to edit on Monday.

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