Sunday, 30 January 2011

Timing of our credits

Foley Sound

We have decided that the song me and Camilla have made will be added in post production as we want it to play throughout the opening. We also decided to a car locking sound in post production as it would be louder and more emphasized if added afterwards. To do this we added them while editing using different software together to produce what we wanted. 

Filming Schedule

We decided to film on Saturday 22nd January. On this day we wanted to film Chandler getting ready for school and setting off we were unable to film the last bits in school as one of our members couldn't come
We decided that our best option was to film again on Wednesday 26th January. We decided to look at the weather for both days because if the weather was completely different there would be continuity errors.
While filming on the Saturday it was very grey but we managed to film while it wasn't raining. However the ground was still wet and the roads were filled with puddles.

On the Wednesday we had planned to film again it was meant to be heavy rain all day. Depending on what the weather and surrounding were like on Wednesday we would film. When it came to Wednesday we didn't film as the weather was too different and would be obvious to the audience.  We decided to edit the film that I had already started to edit on Monday.

New soundtrack

Originally we were going to use the Barbie and Ridin' dirty soundtrack. However this meant we were infringing copyright laws because of this me and Camilla started to work on producing our own song. We have written out the lyrics and have started composing the track on garage band.


verse one
 Its the morning and im ready to go
Check me out im real sexy yo yo

Bailey and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they fall for me

ooo living life as me
oooo live life so dangerously

Verse two
i got my breakfast bowl and im ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautiful day
as i cruise past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hatin on me
i thinks its coz they just cant see
how god damn hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the AND the LER quick call the LPD yo

oo making noises
and making choices
i cant do this
i might lose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
were cruising down the streets in our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3's
so bow bitch and get down on your knees.

Opening Titles

We have been looking at different designs for our opening titles. Yasmin has made these which we are going to use for our film. We will use the original BJUICY productions design which will appear first. Then BJUICY productions presents will appear after this Sex, Drugs and Disco balls will appear.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Jess Oxley worked on the storyboard she also animated it.


Rebecca Reynolds - Chandeler

Camilla Gill - Bailey

I also made two different mood boards one for the popular girls and one for the geek. Below is both:


Friday, 14 January 2011

Job Roles within the group

Directed By:
Camilla Gill
Yasmin Stageman
Jessica Oxely
Rebecca Reynolds

Produced  By:
  Yasmin Stageman

Sound by
Camilla Gill 

Edited by
Jess Oxley

Rebecca Reynolds

Camilla Gill

Chandler by Rebecca Reynolds
Brooke by Yasmin Stageman
Bailey by Camilla Gill


Before deciding on BJUICY we looked at other names and designs too I thought if these ones.

For our production company we needed a logo and a name. We thought of different things which we could have and came up with Bjuicy as this incorporates the first initial of our names. which works out to be BJCY we thought we would have this in pink writing with black background. We thought this would be the best idea as we wanted the brand to relate to the Chick Flick Genre and tell the audience about our company. We chose feminine colours as we wanted our production company to reflect on the movie we produce.

Monday, 10 January 2011


I decided to  choose a very stereotypical  wardrobe for each character. I thought that it would be best for the characters to be stereotypical as the audience will be able to relate to the story even more and will understand the concept of the film.
These will be the type of clothes, make up and hair Chandler will be wearing throughout the film. We have chosen this as Chandler needs to appear ugly/awkward around the other characters. Chandler look much younger and immature compared the "BBF BBZ" we will create this effect by making Chandler wear childish clothes, bag, lunch box, make up and hair accessories. As well as having childish clothes chandler will also act childish and awkward around the popular girls. 

Chandler has an admirer Alan Smithe, who we also want to be a geek, we thought the best costume for him would be one like this. He is the typical smart but dopey geek. 

We wanted the popular girls, Bailey and Brooke to be the classic popular girls very pretty. Usually blonde with blue eyes and to be wearing fashionable clothes. They will also be wearing fairly similar clothes. 
We wanted the popular girls to be very typical for most Chick Flick genres. We also wanted the audience to be able to relate to these girls who are usually in most schools.

We also wanted the girls to look very overdone for school. We thought Katie Price had the right style and make up for the popular girls. We thought this as the media and teenagers usually think the more make up you have on the more pretty you will be. We also want the popular girls to be wearing fake tan as this will make them look older which is very important as we want Chandler to look younger in comparison.
The girls will be called the "BBF BBZ". We wanted the girls to crave the attention from the boys.

I have chosen this photo for the mother as we want her to be the typical mother. As Chandler is an only child the mother treats her as a baby still, as she doesn't want her to grow up. Sara the mother encourages Chandlers behaviour to be one of the popular girls as she wanted to be popular when she was younger. From the mother's appearance the audience will be able to see where Chandler gets her style from. The mother has always wanted to be a nurse, she works as a cleaner in a hospital for 22 years but tells everyone that asks that she saves lives as a nurse.

The father works as an accountant, he is very clever but doesn't have any common sense. We wanted the father Edward to be the typical embarrassing father who tells jokes which aren't funny and tries to be involved with Chandlers social life. Edward wears a suit everyday even on his day off as he likes to stay professional. 


This is our script for our film that we are going to be producing. Me and Yasmin worked on this together and I have a copy on CeltX


Scene 1
Chandler is asleep in bed she rolls over and falls out of her bed. She gets up and puts a cd in the stereo. there is a close up of the CD used. Chandler is dancing in her room whilst singing and listening Aqaua Barbie girl.We see mid shots, high angle shots and low angle shots to see every point of view of her dancing. Chandler is dancing in her pajamas.

CHANDLER: I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world. Life in plastic, its fantastic.

The camera cuts again to a mid shot and Chandler hops across the screen as she attempts to put on her socks. She then hops the other was as she puts the other sock on. The camera remains where it is as it waits for her to cross the screen again.
The camera cuts again to another point in the bedroom, still focusing on chandler. This time she is pulling on a jumper over her t-shirt. She is having difficulty. Barbie Girl remains to play.
Another mid shot of chandler as she does the button up on her trousers. She is stood by the bed post which has a scarf placed on it. Once the button is done up there is a close up of the bed post as Chandlers had grabs the scarf. Its quick. Another close up of Chandlers neck as the scarf is wrapped around. Chandler positions herself infront of the mirror again as she holds up earings to see what they'd look like. Her head is bobbing in time to the music.

CHANDLER: You can touch you can play if you say im always yours

Chandler is looking in the mirror the camera is above her shoulder so we can see her refelction. she is tightly squeezes a hairbrush and sings into it. Chandler falls on the floor very dramatically, knocking over things in her room while she falls.

CHANDLER: OH! fiddlesticks!

 Chandler see's her watch and realizes she is late for school, we see an extreme close up of her watch. As this happens her dad appears at her bedroom door whilst holding her barbie lunch box. there is a point of view shot used between chandler and Edward.

EDWARD: Come on barbie lets go party

Chandler then runs out of her bedroom into the kitchen a tracking shot of to get some cereal and milk to refill her breakfast bike.

  SARA: Oh darling you look positively radiant. Don't  let anyone tell you otherwise

 Chandler leaves her house catching her cardigan in the door as she walks her cardigan rips off. Chandler begins to put on her protective gear and fills up her breakfast bike and puts on her rucksack. As she gets on her bike Ridin Dirty begins to play. The screen pauses and as 'they see me rolling' begins to play we are bought back to Chandler who is riding her bike. This is slow motion and chandler is trying to be sexy. Still in slow motion Chandler pours the cereal into the bowl strapped to the front of her bike, she does this using over exaggerated movements. Chandler now pours the milk ontop, again with big movements. She whips out a spoon from behind her ear and goes to take a mouthful.
The camera uses a tracking shot  follow Chandler on her way to school. Chandler arrives at school as the popular girls are getting out of there car. Ridin dirty is still playing in the background as the popular girls pull up the music is no longer in the background and is being played in their car radio this turns off as the girls get out of the car. all three girls are walking along and swish their hair at the same time

CHANDLER: Oh hey gurrls you look super nice hot today!!

The "BFF BBZ" both look at each other

 Brooke: oh hey bbz you look so good today you should  totally ask out Brad he would toally say yes.

Brad is the school heartthrob. As Brooke is talking to Chandler Bailey pushes chandler into Alan Smithe, the school geek as he walks past.

ALAN SMITHE: oh! (alan laughs nervously trying not to make eye contact) Hey you look really nice today!

CHANDLER: EWWW, ALAN SMITHE! I'm like way out of your league. people cant see us speaking.


Alan gets very flustered and walks/runs off. Chandler walks into school completely oblivious that she is the geek. As she is walking into school the credits appear.


We have decided to make our film 12A as younger children would not understand some of the content. We  have also chosen this certificate as the film applies to teenagers and is targeted towards them. However we have made it accessible to a younger audience as they will want to know what they can expect when they are teenagers. We have also made it accessible to all age groups as we feel families would want to go to the cinema together and watch this. Although we have classed our film 12A we still feel it is specifically  targeted to girls aged between thirteen and seventeen.

Universal- The universal certificate means anyone can watch the film. This will be because the film has very mild and light hearted content. Although the universal certificate means anyone can watch it is advised children under four shouldn't watch the film as the children are very unpredictable and it's impossible to know what will upset them.

PG (Parental Guidance)- Parental guidance is again open for anyone to watch however it is advised that any children who are sensitive to certain subjects or are very young should have a parent with them. These films are usually aimed at children eight years or older.

No-one under the age of 12 years of age may rent or buy a '12' rated video work.


12A- This certificate means only children aged twelve or older can watch this film without a parent there. However anyone accompanied by an adult can watch the film.

No-one younger than 15 may see a ‘15’ film in a cinema. No-one younger than 15 may rent or buy a ‘15’ rated video work.

No-one younger than 18 may see a ‘18’ film in a cinema. No-one younger than 18 may rent or buy a ‘18’ rated video work