Monday, 4 April 2011

Re-filming weaker parts of the film

On Tuesday 29th March both me and Camilla re- filmed parts of the film that the whole group thought were weaker than other parts. We chose Tuesday as the weather was best matched to our original footage. The weather plays a big part in filming as you don't want it to seem very sunny and bright one minute then dull and grey another because of this we had to make sure the weather and the brightness matched with the original footage. We wanted to re-film the part were Chandler ran out the door and started riding to school, we chose this scene as the feedback from colleagues and teachers suggested that this was the weakest part. 
To make the pace of this scene match up with others we wanted to make it quicker and have a bit more comedy in it. We decided to change the original story a little bit and have Chandlers bike tyre's be flat because of this she can't ride her bike properly and ends up having to get off and blow it up with her mouth. When we came to edit it into the original piece it looked and flowed much better with the other material.

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