Friday, 19 November 2010

What I have learnt from my chosen genre

 By watching different chick flicks I could see what content most chick flicks tended to have which would help me when coming to create and film my opening to a film. Many of the chick flicks i watched tend to stick towards the same kind of conventions, many were based on teenage girls, love life, rivarly between "popular" and "loser", cheerleaders and a end of year celebration such as prom. Other chick flicks which have older characters in the film usually have the subject of having to mature, managing to get over an obstacle and getting maried. All chick flicks seem to have a happy ending as that is what the audience wants, girls want to see a light hearted story or a deep love story where everything works out and has a happy ending. Many chick flicks seem to be a mature version of a fairy tale as they have the same layout of having a character that has to face obstacles but manages to get over them and have her happy ending. I will introduce most of these elements into my film to make it fit into  the chick flick genre.

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