Monday, 15 November 2010

Material Girls

The first thing we see is a lion roaring this is the logo for Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The second production company is Maverick their logo is two silver people. We hear Material Girl being played as this happens we see a medium close up on two different girls, who are sisters, in front of a white backdrop. We can see that they are at some sort of photo shoot or filming for an advert.The screen slides along to the two girls walking alongside each other in a medium close up. The screen then splits into four sectors in two of the sectors each girl is doing their make up in a close up. All four sectors are  then used in the same style. The screen is then split into thirds where they use a close up of her doing her mascara on two sectors then on the third one an extreme close up is used of her lip gloss. The screen freezes then zooms out and they are on a billboard for a cosmetics company. This then pans down to a high angle shot of New York traffic as this happens the credits start to appear.

First production logo fades in and out,  0.00-0.10
Second production logo fades in and out, 0.11-0.21
First and second actor, 0.22
"Arclight films presents" fades in and fades out, 1.16- 1.19
"Maverick films & Rafter H Entertainment" fades in and out, 1.20- 1.25
" In association  with Patriot Pictures LLC & Concept Entertainment" fades in and out, 1.26-1.29

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