Friday, 5 November 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The first thing that appears on the screen is Touch Screen Pictures logo which is a black circle with a lightening bolt going through it, it then goes on to Jerry Brukheimer Films which leads down a road on a desert with a thunderstorm this then becomes a still photo of lightening hitting a tree for their logo. It starts off with a birds eye view of children sitting in a store looking at shoes. In pink writing appears Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Brukheimer presents, then appears the title "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in pink glittery writing. The camera pans left over different shoes which are all fashionable and expensive. While this happens a narrative cuts over the top of the main character describing her childhood of buying shoes. How she had to get ugly cheap ones instead of the nicer ones. Throughout this scene names of the cast appear in the same pink font. As the camera pans across it comes to a stop at someone wearing big brown shoes, this shot then changes to a low angle shot of the girl with her mum and a sales assistant looking over her shoulders, this goes onto a long shot of other children who are fashionable and wearing pretty shoes they start to make fun of her. As the girls looks at them it changes to a medium shot of the main character. This cuts to a point of view shot of the main character and her mother walking through a high street. We see the main character stare into a shop window of expensive clothes in fascination. As she walks into the shops the women are in slow-motion trying on dresses.  We then see a medium low angle shot of a woman in a white dress and a tiara. This cuts to a high angle shot of a woman buying and paying for clothes using a credit card while the main character looks on. The narrator goes on to say how she used to love watching the women paying with "magic cards" and how she never thought she would own twelve of her own. As she says this it cuts to her walking down a high street,  grown up  and wearing expensive and fashionable clothes. This opening is good as we know who appears in the film straight away, we also know how she has always loved fashion, how she wasn't able to buy expensive or fashionable clothes.

"Touchstone Pictures" fades in and out, 0.00-0.11
"Jerry Burkheimer films" appears and blacks out, 0.12-0.20
"Touchstone Pictures & Jerry Burkheimer films presents" fades in and out, 0.24-0.26
"Confessions of a Shopaholic" fades in and out, 0.28-0.31
1st actor name fades in and out, 0.32-0.34
2nd actor name fades in and out, 0.35-0.37
3rd actor name fades in and out, 0.54-0.56
4th actor name fades in and out, 0.57-0.59
5th actor name fades in and out, 1.04-1.07
6th actor name fades in and out, 1.09-1.11
7th actor name fades in and out, 1.13-1.15
8th actor name fades in and out, 1.21-1.23
9th actor name fades in and out, 1.24-2.26
10th actor name fades in and out. 1.31

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