Sunday, 14 November 2010

House Bunny

House Bunny's production company's are Columbia this is the first thing that appears on the screen, the logo is the statue of liberty in colour. The next thing that appears on the screen is Happy Madison Productions, this logo is a golf ball on a tee which gets hit into the screen and cracks. The screen first starts with a sepia photo album flicking through different pictures of the same girl growing up. Over this there is a narration of the girls voice telling us the story of her early life. This then cuts to a fairy tale book flicking pages changing the fairy tale each time this suggests that she didn't have a normal upbringing and that she isn't very intelligent. This then again cuts back to the album this time she is getting prettier she starts to tell the audience that because she got pretty she was able to find a family and home. This family turns out to be playboy bunnies and the house is the playboy house. The book then closes and we see a clear blue sky which begins the opening credits. In yellow it reads Columbia Pictures presents, the change over of words is used by an inflatable ball going across the screen. It goes on to introduce Relativity Media A Happy Madison Production. The camera pans down from the sky and goes into an extreme long shot of a pool party. A long shot is then used to introduce the main character. This opening is very useful as we already know everything about the main character, what she has been through, what she does for a living and how she has changed. .

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