Friday, 19 November 2010

Sex Drugs and Rock and Disco Balls

We decided to look at the Chick Flick genre, because of this we decided to make a film based on school life and how peoples image are perceived. We decided to look at how High Schools always seem to have different clicks such as the popular pretty kids, the sporty kids, the nerdy kids, the emo/scene kids and the drama/musical kids. This type of film is very popular with teenage girls as they can relate to the scenarios in this genre. We have also decided to set it in high school as it gives a wider audience intake for our company as older women will want to watch as they would have been through the same thing. Also younger girls will want to watch as they will be anticipating high school life. By adding some comedy to the film we again widen our audience consumption as men will be more willing to watch it with their girlfriends, friends or other halves.

Our film will be based on a teenage girl and the surroundings of her life in and out of High School. Our main character Chandler is a nerd who likes to think she is cool the other popular girls pick up on this and make fun of her at any opportunity.  The scene will start with Chandler getting up for school and dancing around as she is clumsy she falls as she does she sees her watch and realises she is late for school.  she forgets to take off a sticker on her nose, she travels to school on a bike which has a breakfast bowl on the front, she thinks that this is a clever invention. This adds a bit of comedy to the film as anybody with common sense know that its nearly impossible for cereal to stay in a bowl on a bike all the way to school. As Chandler leaves she goes through the country side this will be in slow motion as she thinks she looks cool. At this point the credits will start to appear. Throughout the opening sequence "riding dirty" will be played we will do this by add SFX in post production.

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