Sunday, 12 September 2010

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre  is based on true events which already captures the audiences attention. The film opens to a man narrating, he relives the true story of the massacre. It is filmed in grainy black and white this is used when looking at the house, the crime scene, the bodies and the lab which examined the bodies. This then cuts to live footage of a policemen searching the house. The opening is also accompanied with a soundtrack this is very low and quietens as the narrator begins to speak. Once the man has finished the narrative it cuts to footage of a group of young adults on a road trip, this suggests these people are going to get into the same trouble as the others. The opening to the film is very effective from the very beginning the audience's attention is captured.  The black and white grainy footage is used with the narrative very effectively too exaggerate the horror of the story. I would say that the best thing about the opening is the narrative as it lets the audience know the story before they watch it this grabs the audiences attention and makes them watch in anticipation.

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