Friday, 17 September 2010


Madagascar opens to a zebra swinging on a rope, he then jumps off this to run past rows of penguins singing. The zebra then begins to leap over a hole, he continues running to a lake where we see a lion begin to follow him. The lion jumps in front of him and yells surprise this then cuts to the same two animals in the zoo and the zebra falling off a treadmill, the zebra was day dreaming. The lion wishes him happy birthday, they appear to be good friends with each other which captures the audiences attention as in the wild the zebra would be his prey. The zebra then begins to tell his friend how he longs to be in the wild and has become bored of zoo life. It is apparent that the lion is very comfortable with zoo life as he is the main attraction. As the zoo opens we are introduced to the hippo and giraffe. This opening is very effective as straight away we know that the zebra wants to be out in the wild again, we also see the main characters and are introduced to them straight away. The audience also know from the opening that the if they do go to the wild there will be confrontations as the lion doesn't want to go and is best friends with what would be his prey in the wild.

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