Friday, 17 September 2010

Role Models

The film opens to a man in a suit waiting outside a Minotaur energy drink company, he then is joined by a man who is his work colleague this man is dressed in a t shirt and jeans. There is a very distinctive contrast between the two men, one is very serious and dressed in professionally and the other is very immature and dressed casually. This then cuts to the two men in a "Minotaur" van pulling up outside a high school, the man that was casually dressed is now in Minotaur costume and they are entering the school. Once they have gotten out the car it cuts to the two men standing in front the school giving a talk on how to stay off drugs and drink energy drinks instead. The scene keeps cutting to them at different schools giving the same lecture each time they are drinking more and more of the energy drink. After this it cuts to them in the car the pair are obviously very different. It is also apparent that the man in the suit does not enjoy his job. The opening introduces the main characters but also shows the audience how different they are and how this could cause confrontation later on.

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