Friday, 17 September 2010

The Hangover

The film opens to workers getting out flower arrangements from a white van this is very apparent that it's for a wedding. This then cuts to a wedding cake slowly panning over to a wedding dress, we then here a voice mail tone. This then cuts to outside where the wedding chairs are being set up it then looks towards a window, we then appear to be in that room where we see the bride phoning different men and it going to voice mail again. Her mother then asks if she has heard anything the father then cuts in to say that its Vegas and the bachelor party. The father is then interrupted by the phone fringing as she answers it cuts to the person on the end of the line who is in Vegas and appears to be hurt and with other men. He tells the bride how they have messed everything up and they cant find the groom. He tells the bride that the wedding cant go ahead he then looks up to the sky and the credits start to roll. This opening is very effective as it shows that the bachelor party didn't go to plan and really make the audience want to carry on watching to see what has happened.

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