Sunday, 30 January 2011

New soundtrack

Originally we were going to use the Barbie and Ridin' dirty soundtrack. However this meant we were infringing copyright laws because of this me and Camilla started to work on producing our own song. We have written out the lyrics and have started composing the track on garage band.


verse one
 Its the morning and im ready to go
Check me out im real sexy yo yo

Bailey and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they fall for me

ooo living life as me
oooo live life so dangerously

Verse two
i got my breakfast bowl and im ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautiful day
as i cruise past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hatin on me
i thinks its coz they just cant see
how god damn hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the AND the LER quick call the LPD yo

oo making noises
and making choices
i cant do this
i might lose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
were cruising down the streets in our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3's
so bow bitch and get down on your knees.

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