Monday, 10 January 2011


I decided to  choose a very stereotypical  wardrobe for each character. I thought that it would be best for the characters to be stereotypical as the audience will be able to relate to the story even more and will understand the concept of the film.
These will be the type of clothes, make up and hair Chandler will be wearing throughout the film. We have chosen this as Chandler needs to appear ugly/awkward around the other characters. Chandler look much younger and immature compared the "BBF BBZ" we will create this effect by making Chandler wear childish clothes, bag, lunch box, make up and hair accessories. As well as having childish clothes chandler will also act childish and awkward around the popular girls. 

Chandler has an admirer Alan Smithe, who we also want to be a geek, we thought the best costume for him would be one like this. He is the typical smart but dopey geek. 

We wanted the popular girls, Bailey and Brooke to be the classic popular girls very pretty. Usually blonde with blue eyes and to be wearing fashionable clothes. They will also be wearing fairly similar clothes. 
We wanted the popular girls to be very typical for most Chick Flick genres. We also wanted the audience to be able to relate to these girls who are usually in most schools.

We also wanted the girls to look very overdone for school. We thought Katie Price had the right style and make up for the popular girls. We thought this as the media and teenagers usually think the more make up you have on the more pretty you will be. We also want the popular girls to be wearing fake tan as this will make them look older which is very important as we want Chandler to look younger in comparison.
The girls will be called the "BBF BBZ". We wanted the girls to crave the attention from the boys.

I have chosen this photo for the mother as we want her to be the typical mother. As Chandler is an only child the mother treats her as a baby still, as she doesn't want her to grow up. Sara the mother encourages Chandlers behaviour to be one of the popular girls as she wanted to be popular when she was younger. From the mother's appearance the audience will be able to see where Chandler gets her style from. The mother has always wanted to be a nurse, she works as a cleaner in a hospital for 22 years but tells everyone that asks that she saves lives as a nurse.

The father works as an accountant, he is very clever but doesn't have any common sense. We wanted the father Edward to be the typical embarrassing father who tells jokes which aren't funny and tries to be involved with Chandlers social life. Edward wears a suit everyday even on his day off as he likes to stay professional. 

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